In our last survey, published in late 2014, respondents identified insider threat as their biggest concern and blamed a lot of their issues on phishing. At the time, they were most concerned with their Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and EHRs (Electronic Health Records). These type of electronic records represent an emerging area of risk as organizations put more of their customer health records online and allow access by mobile devices owned by their employees; as well as to their patients? devices. (See full results of our 2014 SANS State of Security in Health Care Organizations survey here - PDF File: https://www.sans.org/reading-room/whitepapers/analyst/threats-drive-improved-practices-state-cybersecurity-health-care-organizations-35652)

In this new survey, we attempt to learn more about the attack surfaces actually breached in these organizations, along with the type of systems and sensitive data involved in them. The survey also asks if respondents are seeing an increase or decline on insider-based threats and spearphishing (phishing targeted to specific employees) as a result of employees getting savvy to mass phishing attacks. Finally we get to best practices: What?s worked in the past may not work today: Have they made improvements overall in their level of visibility, protections and ability to respond to attacks? Most importantly, are they able to get improved functionality and protection out of their data-centric protections such as DLP, encryption, which 70% of respondents to the 2014 survey were attempting?

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