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"Breaking Backbones, Hacker Trilogy, Season 1"


After successfully taking down GlobeCom data centers in Operation Backbone, hacker den mom and former DoD investigator with the handle CyAnthia (Cy) must deal with her own injuries while burying her husband who was killed during the operation. At his funeral, Cy learns that the hacker clans are now going after her other 'secret' husband, a CSO at the GlobeCom China hub named Leonard Smith, who's been anonymously feeding the clans inside information. The other hackers don't know that Leonard is their secret source of information, so they take off to intercept him on his way to a meeting of all four GlobeCom CSO's at the DC hub. Cy, who's in a wheelchair from her injuries, realizes that the clan members are most likely walking into a turf war between the Russian, Chinese and US leaders of GlobeCom. Now, with time running out, Cy must dispatch another team to rescue Leonard and the clan members converging on the Watergate Hotel in DC, or otherwise, she could lose Leonard – and her fellow hackers from the clans.

I believe the script represents an original, provocative, "what if" type story that stays focused and realistic. “Breaking Backbones: Hacker Trilogy” will appeal to a wide audience, and is set up for the young characters to take the helm in the next season as they attempt to restore order to the chaos created by taking down GlobeCom in season 1.

Episode 1 is available at the writing and producing gathering site, The Blacklist (registration required to view materials).


Breaking Backbones Book 1 (Excerpt): Information is Power

The sound of gunfire spurs her on. Cy is crouched behind a five-foot cinderblock wall enclosure behind GlobeCom programming furiously into her wrist device while trying to keep her head down. Bullets ricochet off the cement walls, taking dusty chunks out as they hit, while a drone war plays out in the sky above.

This is Operation Backbone.

With the cooperation of seasoned hackers from around the world, freedom forces are hitting the GlobeCom network and its 24 worldwide data centers used to control every human on the planet. Sadly, most of the chipped population won't see it that way. Because of convenience, people accepted the chips, and out of fear, they have blindly turned an eye to the missing, the destroyed, the disenfranchised who've crossed certain members of the GlobeCom board.

Information is power, as the hackers say. And, for now, almost all that power lies in the networks and data systems owned by GlobeCom. Humans who wanted to be part of the system had to accept the chip—the Unique Identifier as defined by Davos in Switzerland. Eventually participation became mandatory...

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