What Threats Keep You Up at Night? Tell Us in the SANS 2017 Threat Landscape Survey.
The intent of this survey is to understand what types of threats are impacting organizations and influencing the best practices for defensive actions. Questions are online until May 29. Here is the link to take the survey:
Given the mobile nature of data today, data protection should be a top priority for organizations. But is it? Please share your experiences in a SANS survey on Data Protection publishing in association with the the SANS Data Breach Summit, held in September. Questions are online until June 26. Here is the link to take the survey:

In Depth: Who should be responsible for financial fraud?

Improvements in payment protections are shifting the liability for fraud to the least-secure party.

CSO print, Nov. 1 2013; CSO online Feb. 19 2014

Suspect Everything

Advanced threats in the network.

SCMagazine, April, 2013

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